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Meet Kesha

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Kesha Chester is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Xtreme Hip-Hop Step Instructor and Certified in Nutrition & Chronic Disease and Health Promotion.

She is also a Motivational Speaker!!

“Kesha is devoted to empowering a community to live a healthy lifestyle by manifesting positive change through motivation, mind transformation, and fitness. 

Kesha struggled with her weight and confidence most of her life. After a failed marriage and many failed career paths, she had a turning point in 2012. Kesha said “NO MORE” she took control of her life, first by seeking out the one person she knew would help, guide, and be with her through it all. GOD!! 

Kesha prayed and God answered. She joined a weight loss program weighing in at 245lbs losing her first 70lbs.

Kesha realized at this moment she had a passion and gift for physical fitness and motivating other women. She made the decision that would completely change her life. Getting certified in Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Xtreme Hip-Hop Step by Phil Weeden was the major turning point of her life.


Women began to request her for training and requested her to speak at their women’s groups, church groups, and other speaking engagements. Kesha realized fitness was not all physical, there is a process of changing your MIND before you can change your APPEARANCE.


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